A few years back I was having an awful time sleeping. I was going through what some might call a healing crisis: my immune system decided to finally release stored up chemical trauma which proceeded to attack my skin and for about two and a half years and during this time about 50% (and sometimes more) of my skin was covered in some form of a rash.

Due to intense burning and itching sensations, sleep was very tough and there was a period of about six months where I didn’t sleep at all. I couldn’t even take a sleeping pill because even when I was knocked out with narcotics I would still unconsciously scratch my skin! It was pretty tough and as I write this today I’m still in awe that I survived.

During this time I actually worked with a very crafty healer who empathized with my situation because her uncle took his life due to a skin condition.

Thankfully with a lot of rest, and help from a myriad of factors including specific remedies, minor shifts in my diet, and support from my amazing husband, Seth, I was to able heal and come out on the other side from what was, without a doubt, the hardest time of my life.

Music is what I used to calm down.

As luck would have it my husband Seth just happens to be a music composer as well as a fellow trauma and nervous system specialist, and he composed a few pieces for me specifically geared towards calming my nervous system.

I want to share this with you as a parting gift for your own personal practice.

The tune I’m sharing with you is about 30-minutes long and can be used for many purposes. Not only is it great for calming the system, it is perfect background music for when you are working on a project, and if you have kids and pets they LOVE this kind of music.

Sound therapy is a real practice because it tickles that social engagement nervous system you’ve been learning about. There’s a reason cultures have been singing, drumming and dancing for centuries as ritual and in healing practices.

Go here to listen to this amazing piece of music. When you get to the page just click on the little download arrow at the right of the player if you wish to download the mp3.

I know you’ll love it and hopefully you too can put it to good use as I have so many times.

To end, a thousand thank-yous for being here and staying engaged in this nervous system tune-up and for integrating all these game-changing theories, lessons and exercises into your daily life.

If you stay aware and committed to continually improving the health of your nervous system from today onwards you can’t go wrong.

Much Love, Irene.