Rituals & Routines
To Re-Connect & Relax


One of my evening routines involves a hot cup of herbal tea.

Maybe a hot bath or shower.

Sometimes it’s gentle awareness through movement.

One of my favourite Feldenkrais awareness through movement lessons is the  mini-balance your back lesson from Day 13.

I like it because it can be as big or as small as I want it to be.

Sometimes I might lie there playing with those movements for an hour: pausing, reflecting, having a sip of my tea in between movements… and I will often doze off while exploring my body and its movements.

When this happens it’s a clear sign that my body and nervous system is in a higher low tone dorsal parasympathethic state (we covered this on Day 9, Vagus Nerve 101).

When we can go into a sleeping state with attention on the body and gentle movement we are putting ourselves into a state that is optimal for rest and rejuvenation.

Try experimenting with the other lessons in the tune-up such as Day 11, Multi-Tasking Awareness, or Day 15 Tense & Relax, or even Day 19 Befriending Your Pain as a way to gear down and bring your system into greater rest-digest mode.

Gentle music can also be helpful for some people as can a light hearted easy watching or even comedy-based show to let your brain turn off and have a bit of a laugh.

I want to encourage you to find your own evening ‘gear-down’ routine if this is something you know will help you create more regulation and greater success for restorative sleep.

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