Feeling All
The Feels


Have you been able to notice your emotions, tensions and survival stressors a bit more since starting your nervous system tune-up?

One of the more humbling parts of this work is waking up to our system and what it is telling us. When we are deeper in our fight, flight and freeze nervous system reactions we are usually less aware of what is going on – there is less nuance overall and things can often feel all bad, or we feel nothing at all. Sometimes it is a mix of both.

As we become more aware and less thrown into our survival systems we might start to notice more and feel more and it is important to normalize the sensations and emotions we start to uncover and feel because it is possible that they’ve been wanting to be felt for a very long time and now you are growing the capacity in the body (Day 4, Build Capacity & De-Stress Daily) so you CAN feel and be with them without overwhelm. This feat means you have more capacity!!

When we feel something that might seem unusual to us and could even be categorized as uncomfortable, or unusually tense, it’s typically a sign that we should pause, sense, feel, stay connected to our body and the present moment so we can allow this quality of sensation and/or emotion to be present which will then help it move through our body system and integrate (release).

Remember in the first few Biology of Stress Training Videos where I taught you the importance of coming down and out of the stress response?

Remember on Day 6, the video of the impala fleeing away from the hyena and cheetah in African Safari Time, and on Day 17 the polar bear shaking off the stress Healing The Human Predicament?

Just like these wild animals, us humans must release our trapped stressors so we can come down and stay healthy and not succumb to disease and chronic illness.

For some it is literal: heart disease, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems.

For others it manifests in other systems and parts of the body that are genetically predisposed to break down: cells that go cancerous, digestive mayhem, mental and emotional distress that never lets up and general inflammation that causes all sorts of pain.

Bottom line is this, my amazing human being friends, the tension and stored stress (that trapped sensation and pain) must release if you want health and vitality. 

It must let go. Otherwise it will harm your life, your health and your purpose.

So go and become your own medicine and keep putting the practices and education you’ve learned here into good use.

Keep striving for better nervous system health because let’s face it, it works best this way.

Irene <3

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