Potent Posture


Earlier on in the 21 days you practiced finding potent posture with a short and sweet ten-minute awareness exercise in standing.


For me, posture is not a static entity. It isn’t only about sitting up straight and setting yourself in stone by contracting tons of muscles unnecessarily in order to stay stable.

It is about finding the DYNAMIC NATURE of our body and its interaction with the continually changing environment we are in.

Whether we are walking city streets that have a steep incline or hiking in the mountains over roots and rocks, the ground under our feet is always changing. Which means that if it is changing we must change also.

When we don’t adapt to these changes our body can suffer and our movement becomes inefficient and sluggish. Yuck! Definitely not fun.

For example, when climbing up a hillside, or up a set of stairs, if we were to maintain an upright posture we’d be using way more energy than need be. Try this if you have stairs in your home right now. Go up them and stay “straight,” in other words, keep your torso and chest perpendicular to the step…

THEN, slightly lean forward (just a bit) and go up the stairs.

Seriously, try it.

You’ll find that when you stay straight and perpendicular to the step it is an inefficient movement and you will perceive your body to be “heavier” than it really is.

So, when you are out and about, be it in the woods, skiing or walking up the stairs, start to get curious about what you need to shift in your posture to make the movement easier. More potent.

I’ll encourage you to re-do Day 8, Finding Potent Posture.

If you’d like a slightly different take on posture from a sitting and musical perspective, check out this video I produced a while back.

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